About me


Hi, I’m Rhiannon.

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Welcome to my blog, RHIsonably interesting.

I initially started blogging after attending a Bloggers meet Brands event. I went along to support my friend at her first event as the founder of The Wonders Of…
I met other bloggers at the event who inspired me to begin blogging myself, so here I am…

This blog will be about everything and anything, bits and bobs. At the moment I am renovating my house, I love to travel and I love health and fitness. These are a few of the things I plan to blog about.

Myself and hubby are also currently on an IVF journey. I have recently shared my story on here in hope to reduce the stigma around infertility.

It is a place to come when you need some inspiration or motivation. A place to smile and laugh, or maybe to share your opinions on matters that affect us all.

I really hope you like it and if you fancy a chat or want to ask a question, you can catch me on Instagram @RHIsonablyinteresting, Twitter @rhandonnelly, or visit the contact page.

Thanks for visiting 🙂