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An Old World Ambience City…

…Krakow, a city in southern Poland that’s well known for its medieval core and Jewish quarter. A truly fascinating place to visit!

A long weekend here will be plenty for your visit. We paid approx. £260 in total for flights for the three of us AND our Air B&B accommodation. We didn’t hire a car as you can easily walk everywhere or get buses / trams.

Here’s our three day itinerary for Krakow:

Day 1:

A fab start to the holiday as Noah was invited in to the cockpit at the end of our flight (which is only 2.5 hours by the way, so perfect for Noah’s first time on an aeroplane).


The weather was terrible when we got here – cold, wet and windy (don’t even ask me what the flight was like). So we wrapped up and went to the medieval main square (the largest in Europe) and went on a horse and carriage ride.

Tip – make sure you barter with them. We paid full price and didn’t realise you could do this until it was too late.

The square is packed full of amazing architecture, plenty of restaurants, cafes and tourist shops.

After this we walked to Wawel Castle, but as it was getting late we just walked around the outside, admiring its beauty.


Day 2:

One of the main reasons we went to Krakow was so my husband (Nath) could visit Auschwitz. If you do go to Krakow, I would highly recommend a day trip here. It includes what was the largest of the Nazi concentration camps, you’re able to see the gas chambers, and even the shoes and clothes that belonged to the people.

Sadly, over 1.1 million men, women and children lost their lives here, so this museum is in memory of those victims who died at both camps during the Second World War.


Tip – it is recommended that children are aged 14+ when visiting so we didn’t take Noah.

Also, don’t book this through a tourist attraction company. We booked Nath’s beforehand through our accommodation, and he had a Mercedes collect him, take him to Auschwitz and provide him with his ticket, including a tour guide for approx. £30.

I had been a few years ago so myself and Noah went to an indoor water park instead followed by a pinball museum. The museum was absolutely fab and super quirky. It had over 40 pinball museums – perfect activity for the kids.

Day 3:

Today we had a proper visit to Wawel Castle and visited the Dragon’s Den.



This is how the story goes…

The Dragon’s Den is a legendary cave once belonging to the dragon – Smok Wawelski, known as a particularly evil creature. The then King promised the hand of his daughter to the hero that could kill the beast. Many knights failed at this mission until a man called Krak tricked the dragon in to eating a sheep full of sulphur.

Finally the town was free from the beast!!

Krak married the princess, built his castle on the dragons lair as well as city around it, naming it Krakow.

Years later the cave became a famous pub and even a brothel. But today it stands as a popular tourist attraction.

During the afternoon we walked to a place called History Land. This is a place where everything is made out of Lego, telling you the historical stories of Poland. Again, a perfect attraction for the kids (because every child loved lego right?! Even I was impressed and I’m not a huge fan of Lego).


Some people think that Krakow is not a place to take children, and if your trip is purely to visit Auschwitz, then you may have to think twice about it (unless you can juggle it like we did).

It is such a wonderfully interesting place to visit with plenty of history, beautiful architecture and cheap food and drink!

I think that a long weekend is plenty here and you’ll find it will be no more expensive than visiting the likes of London for the weekend. A truly fascinating place that you and the family can all embrace and learn from the culture and history!


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