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Top Tips & an Honest Review – 80 Day Obsession

I’ll be honest with you guys, when I first heard about this programme I was slightly apprehensive and wasn’t sure of the results I may achieve, if any. I thought it was another typical sales push where people don’t care who they get on board as long as they hit their targets. 

Not only that, but 80 DAYS… 6 days a week… 1 rest day… most workouts approx. 45 minutes to an hour. You also need food containers for portion control, resistance bands and weights…full on right?!

However, having never followed a programme as detailed as this before and seeing the results of two people I actually knew, I decided to leave my comfort zone and give it a go.


Here are my top tips and honest review of the programme (from my experience only):

1. Even once I had begun, I was still slightly apprehensive as I wasn’t sure how or if I would manage to fit in 6 days a week. But you do what you have to do… get up at 5am, workout at 9pm, workout in your lunch break, miss your favourite TV programme, take the equipment away with you. I had to do all of these at some point or another. Yes, okay, the timed nutrition went out of the window some days, but I stuck to it as closely as possible and didn’t miss a single day of exercise.

2. You get used to working out 6 times per week. I thought this would annoy me and I’d be longing for rest days, but it was actually quite the opposite. I found myself doing additional workouts (running or cycling) too and didn’t include the daily dog walk with the Beagle in my routine either.

3. My rest day was a Wednesday as I started the programme on a Thursday, which meant I would exercise on the weekend. I personally preferred this as I had more time on weekends to do the workouts so didn’t feel so pushed for time.

4. There are 3 phases and a peak week during the 80 days with each workout having a special focus.

There are 6 different workouts per phase all which change structure every week and each phase you get a whole new workout.

  • Total Body Core – Working the entire body using compound movements
  • Booty – Targeting glutes with isolated movements
  • Cardio Core – Alternative low and high intensity cardio intervals with core moves
  • AAA (Arms, Abs & Arse) – Using weights, resistance bands and strength sliders.
  • Legs – Focus on building stronger, more sculpted legs
  • Cardio Flow – Endurance workout

The workouts are live so nothing is edited. Sometimes I found this frustrating as Autumn (who leads the programme) can talk quite a lot and all I wanted to do was get on with the workout. I bet you could knock 10 minutes off some of the workouts if she didn’t talk so much!

5. My favourite days were Booty and Leg day. I would take lower body to upper body any day and also strength training over cardio any day. My least favourite day was Cardio Flow. I hated it throughout the programme – it was repetitive and boring. Yes, I saw my improvements along the way during the workout which is definitely the main thing, but I dreaded the workout every single week. Personally I don’t think it’s healthy when you dread a workout as you’re less likely to keep it up.

6. For someone to usually find cardio difficult, I didn’t find the cardio days particularly challenging, especially in comparison to the Insanity programme.


7. The Peak Week is the final week of the programme, there to give you that “extra shredded look” and help you lose a few extra pounds. During this week there are four deplete days where you reduce your carbs and increase your protein, however, this is optional.

8. Each workout has a modifier who demonstrates less intense movements. One thing I did like about this is you often saw those doing the advanced movements, including Autumn, taking it down a notch to the modifier movements.

9. I didn’t buy the resistance bands from Beach Body. I had a set of my own but also purchased more from Amazon.

Tip – if you use amazonsmile.co.uk it’s exactly the same site but instead you choose a charity and Amazon then donate 0.5% of the net purchase price to the charity of your choice.

10. I did purchase the food containers. However, I wish I hadn’t bothered now as I could just as easily used hand measurements:


Now, all I feel like is that they are going to take up cupboard space.

If I am honest, in the last month of the programme I didn’t really use them as I knew how much of each portion I needed anyway.

11. I totally understand the importance of timed nutrition to ensure you’re eating enough of the required nutrients and are eating at the right time to maximise results. Correct nutrition will give you energy, help you lose weight,  promote muscle recovery and will build muscle.

I did however find the nutrition side hard to maintain and stick to with a busy day to day life. The first two months I stuck to it well but by the third month I had lost interest in that side as I didn’t feel it was realistic for me to maintain once the programme had finished. So, instead, I stuck to the portion control, but ate less often, when it was convenient for me, and actually ended up having better results in the last month than the first two combined.

12. I am better at the “everything in moderation” way of life. Generally I eat well anyway – everything home cooked and little is processed. However, I do enjoy a sweet treat and for me to stick to something, I have to allow myself these otherwise it will never last. So the first month I went the whole month and stuck totally to plan and allowed myself a “treat” before phase two began.

Image-1 3.png
These are the AMAZING Freakshakes at Academy Espresso Bar, Barry

After that I allowed myself a “treat” every week and it worked well for me!

As I said earlier, it has to be realistic and if the eating plan is realistic and works for you then great. 

13. During phase 2 and 3 you have what’s called a “refeed day” every other week . This is where you eat additional carbs and “dirty carbs” to send glycogen to the muscles and to give you more energy. These were my favourite days, but I did find towards the end that I wasn’t really bothered about the “dirty carbs.”

Image-1 2
Some of my meals from “refeed day”

14. The most important element of the timed nutrition is the workout block. This was a 4-5 hour widow surrounding your workout to ensure you have the right fuel and energy during your workout and the correct nutrients following your workout to help build and strengthen muscles and promote recovery. This window isn’t flexible, but the rest of the eating plan is to fit around your daily schedule (as long as you ate every few hours). Again, I can’t stress enough the importance of making it work for YOU so that it is realistic and maintainable!

15. The programme can become expensive if you progress quickly and don’t have the required weights for the workouts. 

16. 80 days sounds a lot I know…. it actually goes by in a flash as each workout is different. Whether that’s because it’s different exercises from a new phase or the structure of the workout changes, you will always be mixing it up.

On the other hand, I was glad to finish the programme and start something new. I personally prefer Shaun T (Insanity) as a trainer to Autumn, but also really enjoyed the variety of routines and exercises in 80 Day obsession.


There are always going to be things you like and things you dislike about a programme. Exercises you love and exercises you hate. But all in all the programme was great and I had some amazing results.

In total I lost 7lbs and 8.1 inches and have seen a massive difference in how lean my body looks (which was always my main goal). So many of my clothes are too big for me now and I feel a lot more confident in myself. Additionally, I feel healthier and I am even more conscious about what I eat, when and how much. 

I paid £99 for a years subscription to Beach Body on Demand where I get access to many more fitness programmes all of which come with a nutrition plan (I am currently on my fourth week of Insanity).

So personally I definitely think it’s worth it and will probably renew my subscription next year instead of paying for a gym membership. I’m not one who struggles to motivate myself at home, whether that’s a workout in the house, a run or a cycle, as long as I get some physical activity in I am happy.

If you’ve been looking for a new challenge I would definitely recommend Beach Body on Demand as it offers a programme suitable for everybody. 

Check it out 🙂



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